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Our companions are not just pets, they are cherished partners in life who unconditionally love us. They are in many cases our shadow which explains why it can be so painful to grieve when they leave us. It is completely normal to feel deep sorrow and pain both before and after their passing and this is testament to the unique and strong bond that we share with them. Although, these emotions and feelings are completely normal, they can be very distressing and overwhelming to experience. It is also important to remember that grieving is a very individual experience and we all grieve in different ways and over different timescales. 

In order to recover and heal, we need to face the grief that we are feeling. Grieving is not a straight line to recovery and you are likely to experience good days and bad days, this is just the nature of it. It is important to be kind to yourself throughout and to treat yourself as you would treat a dear friend who is going through your situation. It is important to remember that everyone will grieve over a different period of time and there is no 'normal' time period and as such it is helpful to be patient with ourselves and to not force anything. 

If you do, at any point in time, experience overwhelming emotions and feel they are exceeding your ability to cope, we encourage you to reach out for professional help. You can find some resources at the bottom of the page and phone numbers to call for further help and guidance. Alternatively, you can always talk to us. 

The Blue Cross have several useful resources:

The Blue Cross pet bereavement number:

 0800 096 6606

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