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Cat Euthanasia Plymouth

Passing away in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your loved ones, is something every one of us hopes for. Here at Nirvana Vets, you can give your feline companion the same comfortable and loving send-off with at-home cat euthanasia in Plymouth. 


You don’t have to say goodbye to your feline friend at the vets, which may not be suitable for all cats. With our services, you can put your cat to sleep where they and you are most comfortable: at home. This offers a more relaxed, and familiar environment for your cat and allows you to have your family and other pets there for support. 


We aim to provide owners and their pets with gentle goodbyes right at home. Call us free of charge for advice and information about saying goodbye to your pet at home rather than at the vet’s, and we will be happy to go through all of your options. We offer upfront and completely transparent fees with no hidden prices that are fair to you and your family.

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When should a cat be euthanised?

We understand how hard it can be to make the decision to euthanise your cat, especially when they might not have been with us as long as we hoped. Putting your pet to sleep is a way to avoid them suffering unnecessarily. Monitoring your cat and assessing their quality of life is important to help you make the decision of when to put your feline companion to sleep. 


When it comes to monitoring your cat, it’s especially important that older cats have frequent vet checks to ensure they aren’t hiding any signs of being unwell. Cats are particularly good at hiding signs of pain and discomfort. Key signs to watch out for include unusual lethargy, unexplained weight loss, disinterest in food or drink, along with other signs of sickness. 


Quality of life is the most important consideration when answering the question of when you should consider euthanasia for your cat. If they can no longer eat or drink on their own, are unable to stand or move, have respiratory difficulties, have been severely injured, have untreatable behavioural problems, or are in constant, uncontrollable pain, then you may want to consider euthanasia. Our HHHHHMM Questionnaire may help you to consider their quality of life. If the questionnaire raises concerns, speak to your vet or feel free to call us for more specific advice about the best option for your cat. 


If you need counselling about making a decision at the time of the visit our vets can help guide you after thoroughly examining your cat. If there is any doubt whether euthanasia is the right step, we will discuss your options with you. If putting your feline companion to sleep is the best course of action, we will provide your pet with a sedative and allow you to say your final goodbyes before continuing. 

Do cats feel pain when euthanised?

When we put your cat to sleep the first step is a gentle sedative, this is given into the muscle just like a vaccination. Your cat will feel a small scratch just as we do when receiving an injection but this doesn’t cause any significant pain. Most cats don’t even notice however a few will be a little surprised by the sensation of the injection. The sedation will allow your cat to gently fall asleep, it also contains a powerful painkiller which will ease any pain your cat may be experiencing. This time will likely be the most comfortable they have been in a while.


Once your cat is deeply sedated we will give the euthanasia medication as an injection. This can take between 2-20 minutes to work depending on the exact method your vet decides is most appropriate for your cat. The euthanasia medication causes no pain or discomfort and is actually a type of anaesthetic agent, allowing your cat to gently drift off to sleep.

Can I put my cat to sleep at home?

When you have come to the hard decision that euthanasia is the best way to send off and say goodbye to your feline friend so that they can stop suffering, the next question is, “where to put my cat to sleep?” In the past, that answer was always at the vets, but this can cause stress both to your feline companion and yourself. With Nirvana Vets, you can say your final goodbyes at home.  


They can be surrounded by what they find most familiar, can be in their bed, and can have a very stress-free experience. The medicines we give and the way we give them will in many ways make it feel as though they are simply going to sleep for the last time. There are no time pressures on a home visit euthanasia. You do not have to worry about driving home afterwards, and you can be surrounded by your loved ones as well. 

Who will put my cat to sleep?

A fully qualified and trained veterinary surgeon will be there to put your cat to sleep. Not only will they be able to assess that euthanasia is indeed the right decision if your cat has not been to the vet in a while, but they will also be there to gently put your cat into its final sleep. Our vets are highly trained and very compassionate and are there to make the process calmer for you and your family. 


If you want to learn more or have any questions, call us at any time. 

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Low-cost cat euthanasia near me in Plymouth 

We are located in Plymouth and provide at-home services to homes from Redruth to Port Isaac to Okehampton and, of course, Plymouth. There is no need for you to make the trip to our location in Plymouth. 


At-home cat euthanasia costs £420. Communal cremation is £72, and individual cremation is £120. If you wish to bury your cat, you can do so without any additional fee but please seek advice on how to do this safely to ensure wildlife isn’t put at risk from the medicines given to your cat. Should you choose individual cremation, you can collect your cat ashes within a fortnight or we can arrange to deliver them back to your home.  


To book your compassionate, at-home goodbye, get in touch with us. There is a £150 deposit to secure your booking which will be deducted from your total bill. There is no need to add additional pain or stress to your beloved cat’s final moments as we come to you.

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