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How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Safe in Summer

Summer is here! So here are 5 nifty tips and tricks to help keep your dog safe and cool during

the hot summer weather....

  1. Keep your pet well hydrated with easy access to water! Remember to pack your dog’s water and bowl on your trips out, making sure they hydrate regularly. Also ensure they have access to water at home for the hotter days, as it can still get warm inside your home.

  2. Ever heard of cooling gel mats? These mats (available at most pet stores) can help keep your furry friend cool.

  3. Introduce them to frozen or refrigerated fruit! *Always check a vet-approved site to make sure the fruits you give are safe for your dog*. Try putting them in the dog’s water bowl to keep them cool and have some fun.

  4. Only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun, so think of your dog and plan some cool early morning or late evening walks. Your dog’s paws are sensitive to heat so choose some cool grassy routes.

  5. Most of all, pay attention to your dogs’ behaviour! If they become reluctant to move, start breathing heavily with their tongue out whilst resting, are lethargic or show other signs of abnormal behaviour, they may be suffering with heatstroke.

Dogs suffer with heatstroke when they overheat. Heatstroke develops when a dog can't reduce their body temperature and it can be fatal. This can happen not just when it’s hot but also in warm temperatures.

If you have concerns about your dog and heat-stroke, speak to your vet immediately.


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