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Pet Euthanasia: Why Choose a Home Visit?

What are the benefits of choosing to have a home-visit when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet? The best place for a euthanasia is going to be wherever you and your pet feel most comfortable. Opting for a home setting can make your pet’s passing more peaceful.

If pet euthanasia at home is an option you'd like to explore, read on to learn more about the benefits of a home visit:

  • Pets are generally most at ease when they are at home and so a home visit enables their final moments to be as peaceful and relaxing for them as possible.

  • Our pets are family members and so it is important that all the family can be present to support each other and their pet. A home visit enables as many people that want to be present to be there at the time of the euthanasia.

  • Often pets at the end of their lives can be a bit stiff and sore which can cause discomfort if you have to transport your pet in a car. Cats in particular often find cat carriers and cars quite stressful as well. A home visit avoids the need for any transportation, minimising stress and discomfort.

  • Having your pet put to sleep is a very emotional and difficult experience and a home visit provides some comfort when you and your family can be in the privacy of your own home.

  • Having a home visit enables your pet to drift off to sleep in their favorite places of the house, whether that's the sofa in the lounge, a bedroom or the garden.

  • A home visit does not have a tight scheduled duration which enables us to gently take things at the pace of you and your pet. This also means that we have time to give your pet a sedation before they need to have a cannula put in their vein, so they can peacefully drift off to sleep like they usually do.

  • It can be incredibly difficult driving home after a euthanasia and perhaps not very safe when we are so upset. A home visit avoids this difficult experience.

All of this helps to provide a more comforting experience and remove at least some of the trauma from a very traumatic time. This helps us with the grief that follows as it provides the comfort of knowing that you have done absolutely everything you possibly can for your pet.

Our dedicated and personal service gives your companion the most gentle and peaceful goodbye experience in the comfort of their own home.

Your pet’s comfort and your family experience is paramount to us. When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, we're here with you every step of the way; from the moment you book a visit to our dedicated aftercare.

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