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We are currently in the process of producing a large number of blogs to help improve client education of a variety of different conditions. With the rise in 'googlers' it is becoming more and more important for there to be reputable sources of information available to pet owners online. 

Below are a list of various different blog articles titles that we need your help writing for us. Each of the blogs will need to be approx. 500 words in length and will need to be understandable for a lay person. We would like to offer a range of different gift vouchers in return for your help. 

** You must have completed the body system module '2' to be able to write a blog article on a given subject. For example if you are writing a blog about Heart Failure, you must have completed the Cardiorespiratory 2 module.**


1) Fill in your Name, Email Address and Year of Vet School. 

2) Select 3 different article titles that you would like to write about and select the type of gift card that you      would like to receive by email. 

3) Select whether you would like us to offer you more than 1 of your 3 selected blog articles. 

4) We will then reply by email to let you know which blog articles we can offer you and will provide you      with a template for the blog. 

5) Email your finished blog article to: within 3 weeks of submitting this form.

6) Our qualified vets will check the blog article and then email you your chosen gift card. 

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