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Gentle Goodbyes at Home

Speak with a caring vet, for free, advice about your pets gentle goodbye at home

Please do not hesitate to call us if you need help.

NIRVANA } is a place of perfect peace and happiness and is used in buddhism to describe the release of suffering. Our at-home euthanasia visits are designed to ensure that your pets final moments are peaceful and free from stress.


Our pets are important family members who dedicate their entire lives to giving us their unconditional love and are companions who we spend a significant duration of our lives with. 

Deciding to put your pet to sleep when they are coming to the end of their life is the final act of selflessness and love that we can show them, to ensure that they do not suffer.

It is only natural for us to find it deeply upsetting when they reach the end of their lives and we understand how difficult it is making decisions about your pet's end of life care. 

At Nirvana Vets we are here to care and to support you through this incredibly difficult time with our kind and caring vets. 

We know that when our pets reach the end of their lives, we would want a home visit for them and this is the reason that we created Nirvana Vets. 

How do I know when it's time? 
It is often difficult to know exactly when the time is right. This is particularly true when pets have a chronic and progressive illness. 
Quality of life questionnaires can be a helpful way to assess whether your pet's quality of life is good enough. 

How do I book a visit? 
To book a visit, or for advice on guidance, call us on
01752 748008
What is involved during a visit?
Our vets will first provide your pet with a gentle sedation. The sedation works gradually and so mimics drifting off to sleep. 

Click here to find out more about your visit. 



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"An excellent, compassionate, professional service. Throughout the time spent with us, there was so much empathy, time, and caring for Mia through her last hour. We felt an air of calm and peace until our beautiful girl passed. Would highly recommend Sam and Kate at Nirvana Vets and again would like to thank them from our hearts"

"We want to thank Sam and Kate from Nirvana vets for helping our beautiful girl when she needed to leave us. Our own vet would not come out and we were frantic. Sam and Kate came the same evening and were not only highly professional and calm but also kind to our dog Kira and to us. They showed compassion for us all at a very traumatic time."

"You’ve just helped Buster over the rainbow bridge. Buster was the much loved pet of my neighbour, Kim, and I sat with Kim whilst she held Buster as he passed. I am so impressed with the dignity you gave Buster, and compassion you showed in Buster’s last minutes with his ‘Mum’. Every step was explained to Kim in advance, and it was a peaceful, tranquil end to his life. 

It was everything that Kim wanted it to be, and Buster is at peace now at last, after a very traumatic few days of rapid decline in his health.

As Kim’s friend and carer, I have so much respect for the way you dealt with the whole process. From when you arrived, to when you left with his little body, you treated Kim, and Buster,  as friends."

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful i am to have plucked up the courage to ring you in regards to Buddie
he was a very big talkative soppy mummys boy  so many triggers to miss but i know he is no longer feeling down or suffering so i take strength from that and huge strength from the fact i couldn’t of wished or hoped for a better person to help us 
Heartfelt thanks from us all"

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