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The Hardest Part of Pet Ownership

Our pets are important family members who dedicate their entire lives to giving us their unconditional love and are companions who we spend a significant duration of our lives with.

For some, the animal-human bond can be stronger than even that between close relatives. There is no question about it, our pets enrich our lives in so many ways. They get us out of the house on rainy days and help us to meet new people whilst also helping us stay connected with our neighbours, giving us a sense of belonging. As such, it is incredibly upsetting when our beloved 4-legged friends become seriously ill.

Veterinary care has developed significantly over the past few decades with veterinary medicine closing the gap with human medicine. This has led to many more treatment options available for various illnesses. However, with all of this, comes the dilemma of whether it is fair to put a terminally ill pet through potentially invasive treatments. Particularly in instances where the prognosis is poor. In these cases, it is often more in our pets’ interests to help them to pass away peacefully.

Dr. Goldman from Plymouth based Nirvana Vets commented ‘It is obviously a topic that we would all rather not think about, but it is so important that you know all the options so that you can help your pet when they need you the most. When deciding about our pets’ final days it is important to consider whether a home visit would be less stressful and more peaceful for you and your pet as not many people know that a home visit is an option. In my experience as a vet and as a pet owner, most pets are stressed when at the vets and it is a shame if this is our beloved pets final experience’.

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