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Why Is My Dog Scratching So Much?

It is very normal for your dog to scratch daily. They may have a quick itch behind their ear or scratch their side when you stroke them. This is nothing to worry about and can sometimes mean your dog is happy.

Reasons why your dog is scratching a lot:

Excessive itching or scratching, however, can be a sign that something is wrong. There are many possible reasons for your dog’s excessive scratching. These include:

  1. Fleas or worms

  2. Irritated or flaky skin

  3. Infections

  4. Dirty or matted fur/hair

  5. Allergies to food or environmental triggers, including mold and pollen

  6. An underlying skin condition

  7. They are too hot

  8. They are nervous or uncomfortable

How can you treat them effectively?

There are many at-home treatments you can use if your dog is afflicted by any of these issues. The best treatments to try at home are:

  • Coconut oil (is a fantastic healer that can also be used to moisturise matting in fur/hair)

  • Flea or worming treatment (which can be prescribed by your vet monthly)

  • Trim fur/hair

  • Bath with pet-safe shampoos

  • Assess any potential food allergies

  • Cooling area with fan and water provided and accessible

Contact Your Vet

If you are concerned about your dog’s scratching and skin condition, please contact your vet for a check-up and assessment.


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